Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another year, another disaster

So now it's 2016, and not surprisingly there is yet another trauma to Haiti.  We weren't affected directly by weather; I've seen worse flooding in our area from tropical depressions.  Shielded by mountain ranges on all four sides, the remoteness of our location has its advantages.

I've been sharing day to day updates on facebook and twitter for those around us on the front lines reaching out.  But there's a reason I personally haven't been writing more the past week.  It's because we've been here before.  I'm already feeling the long term struggles of disaster relief and it's only been ongoing for a week- and that is troubling.   The fatigue, despair, tears tempered with increasing respect for the survivors who still go on in spite of everything.

 One positive thing I can already see this time around is the recent experiences of the earthquake relief has created a more savvy response from the Haitian community and aid workers.  I'm hoping donors listen this time around.  We've already gotten several phone calls from big name groups asking how they can help.  It's ironic that some donors I know will only give to the "big groups" but same large groups are calling us, a smaller, more nimble NGO on the ground with decades of relationships to build on.  Sigh.  But I'm not going to digress on this-it's a waste of time.  Help if you want to help people--we will be accountable with what we're given.  Those who know us know that.

If you want to know what if feels like to be in Haiti, just scan back to posts from 6 years ago...it's pretty much the same thing but on a slightly less scale.  It's encouraging to see the Haitian community within Haiti reaching out to those in need.  May we learn that unity leads to survival and growth.

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