Friday, July 17, 2015

Struggles and Needs

I wish I knew why we as humans have to continue to go through the same struggles repeatedly.  It'd be nice to skip over problems and remind God, "Hey, remember, I've had this issue before we don't really need to repeat it."
And that in a nutshell is really what I've been frustrated about the most.  Like a whiny child, I've been asking God, "Really?  Do we really need to have this old issue crop up again?"  And the answer is Yes, apparently we do as I am still responding in the same old ways, trying to use the same old answers.
The issue is this:  we have people who can do the work, just not the resources.  And living surrounded by needs it becomes mentally and spiritually painful to not see the needs met.  Waiting on God has always been a hard path for me.  But it really gets down to just believing that He knows best and knows when it's best to move forward.  My only response can be to trust Him.  

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