Friday, April 17, 2015

God winks & you can't outgive God

          I've heard the phrase "God winks" before in relation to the little coincidences we see that seem uncanny and speak of God's presence and care in our lives.  Recently I had one that encouraged both Caleb and I.  My part of the story started last week as I was shopping with my youngest for a prom dress.  She had been out looking with several friends and was feeling the pressure to get it purchased.  We're living on a pretty tight budget even with the help of many generous provisions while I'm stateside this school year.  So we really stretched it to make the purchase she wanted.  I headed home determined not to spend any more money for the next weeks to make up for it (smile).
          The same weekend my husband was hard at work in Haiti.  On Sunday he was scheduled to speak at a small community church that doesn't have a meeting place just yet.  He spoke under the tent covering about giving to the Lord.  Using 2 Samuel 24:24 he reminded the congregation that we can't offer to God what has cost us nothing.  He taught that giving to the Lord is simply obedience that demonstrates our reverence, commitment, faith, and love for Him.  Finally as he watched several women carrying 60 lb. bags of cement on their head to give for the building of their church, he challenged other members.  Caleb told them that if 100 people gave bags of cement he would match each bag to give for their building.  Happily 156 people responded!  So while Caleb gave more than he planned, he was glad to see the people giving with joy.
          Now, back to my side, I knew he was speaking but didn't know what all had happened or the gift my husband had given.   I went out to eat with a dear friend and was enjoying a great meal and fellowship.  She startled me and said her husband had felt urged to give us a personal gift and she promptly wrote out a check.  I was surprised but grateful and promptly texted my husband in Haiti to tell him about the Lord's provision.  His response:  PTL!  (Praise the Lord)  Later in the day he sent me more details about what had taken place over the weekend and what he had given.  What really blew our minds was that the cost of the prom dress & the cement in Haiti matched our unexpected gift almost to the dollar.  It reminded us that He is always in control, He knows our needs, and that we can't outgive God.  Living under His leadership is the most joyous and empowering way!