Monday, July 30, 2012

The Ripple Effect

     Several years ago, Dustin came down on a trip with his church, First Baptist of Pekin, IL to offer a hand here in Haiti.  He did just that and then also signed up to help one of the needy students at our school.  We introduced him to Mike and family over a year ago.  Since that time, they've exchanged photos, letters and due to Dustin's frequent trips back, several personal visits.  This winter, Dustin got to visit Mike's home, or rather when he and his family are living for now.  He told Mike's Mom that he was planning on coming back in the summer time with his kids and would like them to meet Mike.
     In anticipation, Mike's mom came to my house twice in the past three weeks wondering when Dustin was going to arrive.  She had her own mission trip planned and wanted to make sure she could meet up as requested with Dustin and his children.  Yesterday  I had the privilege of arranging their meeting at the camp where Dustin's family was staying with Mike's family.  Mike is a quiet, little guy, now entering 3rd grade.  His older sister and brother were also present and received generous gifts of backpacks from Dustin's kids.  I told him the Lord's timing is perfect, because now Mike's family can use Dustin's gifts as they go on their own mission trip to another city in Gonaives.  I shared how his mom was taking their whole family on a mission trip as well, and how cool it was that both families were like minded in wanting to help others!  There is a time for all of us to give and receive, and sometimes it coincides.
As we took this picture yesterday, we rejoiced that they were two families who were friends, but also one family in the Lord!  And the effect of giving to others, goes far beyond what we can ever see, rippling through time and effecting lives we can only see with the eyes of faith!

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