Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Praying to the God who provides . . .

       Friday, March 2nd started out as a normal day for Wilner.  He walked his two young sons, Mikael and Henoc to school and then he returned home to his small dental clinic which ran out of his home.  While he had not had formal training, he had been trained in tooth extraction and offered his neighbors a valuable service of providing much needed dental care. Upon his return home, he told his wife, Lisiane, who is pregnant with their third child that he wasn't feeling too well and sat down.  Sadly, he never got back up and suddenly died, presumably from a stroke or some cardiac problem.  What a shock for the young mother to be left widowed in her 6th month of pregnancy!  She held it together and notified family and friends who converged to help.
       In a place like Haiti, there is no welfare office or social services to ask for help.  However,  Lisiane is very active in her Evangelical Baptist Church in our community of Pignon.    Her church family rallied around her and helped with the funeral services and her parents who lived in a neighboring community came to stay with her.  She busied herself continuing with the every day needs of 6 year old Mikael and 3 year old Enock, taking one day at a time.   And she prayed for the future and to the God she knows.
       About the same time of Wilner's death, two Americans were in the final preparations to visit Haiti.  They had felt drawn to come and help in the country that seemed to have a torturous existence at best.  Their home church had formed a team to come and work with children attending a school in the mountainous northern province.  While they faced a certain amount of trepidation in planning to come, come they did in response to the desire to help they felt.  They were praying that the Lord would show them how to help in specific ways.
       While these two families live very different lives, they follow the same God.   The two Americans, Larry & Gina arrived in Haiti on schedule and busied themselves with the children their group was working with at Camp de la Grace.  Over 500 children attended the day time activities of puppet shows, games, and stories and singing.  The oldest children (grades 3 and up) were allowed to spend the night at the camp.  As is usual, one of the things the kids reported liking the best was eating 3 meals a day.  It was a blast to interact with the kids and share life changing messages with them.  But they still felt drawn to try and do more.  As they heard about our child sponsorship program, they told me they were convinced that they wanted to help two students.
       Normally I encourage folks to return home and pray through the cost and make sure they can commit to helping the students for a least a year.  While the cost is only $35/month it still adds up and times are hard everywhere.   However, Larry and Gina were adamant that they wanted to help and pleaded to be able to meet the kids while here.  I immediately knew who to hook them up with because I'd been told the week before by our administrative staff about the two boys whose father had suddenly passed away.  They had told me as soon as we had anyone else ask to help, these two little boys needed to take priority.
      The next morning I went and met Lisiane and told her of some new friends who would like the privilege of helping her young sons attend school.  She was excited as she'd been waiting on God for just such help.   She hadn't been able to send the boys to the camp because she couldn't walk them to the bus stop and it wasn't running the normal routes.  I asked if I could take the boys to meet the Americans and she agreed and also said I could bring them to her home later in the day.  What fun to introduce Larry and Gina to the two little guys.  They were understandably shy and eager to join their friends in all the camp activities.  Later in the afternoon, I drove the boys home with their new friends so they could meet the boys' mother.  It was very encouraging to all of us to be able to meet together and remember that the Lord who is the God of us all had planned this meeting.  That He was the provider for widows and orphans and it's our privilege to be a part of the process.
            (Pictured below:  Gina, Mikael, Lisiane, Enock, and Larry; all part of the family of Christ)

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