Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trip to the South of Haiti

Our family recently had the chance to travel to the southern peninsula of Haiti.  My husband has been many times and now that our children are older, this was a good chance as he had a speaking engagement and we could tag along.  I came away from the trip jealous of the south's beauty and roads.
These are some of my favorite flowers, that grow throughout Haiti

I was surprised at how many mountains there were even in this portion of Haiti.  This shows driving along the southern peninsula towards Les Cayes.  I was jealous of their roads!

Stunning beaches near Port Salut

The opening of the largest cave system in Haiti, in Port Piment.  The system stretches 4 miles long and includes an underwater lake!  

This was also my first chance to travel through Leogane, which was the epicenter for last year's earthquake.  There were quite a few still living in tents, and some homes built for people in the mountain communities.  I saw several schools and homes built as shown:  
While I appreciate the work of whatever organization put these up, I was disturbed to hear that the little homes cost $2,500 but as you can see, are made of plywood and are heavily mildewed from the rain and humidity.  Without paint or any type of treatment, I predict these homes will fall apart in less than two years.  When I asked if the same amount of funds couldn't have built the more commonly used cement block homes, I was told yes.  Not too surprising, but sad.  

While the roads are good, rains frequently flood this national highway around Miroguane.  

The southern political leaders had this bill board up expressing a common opinion, that the UN forces  and Cholera are one and the same.  

The highway descending down to famed for arts and crafts, Mardi Gras festivities, among other things.  

Jacmel, Haiti

Coast in Jacmel

I had to agree with other travelers, though that the most beautiful beaches I saw were in Port Salut, further out from the capital, but worth the drive.  Just beautiful.  

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