Monday, September 12, 2011

One who stopped to say thanks

     This afternoon as the sun was beginning to sink, I had some unexpected visitors.  The young man I recognized as Edlin E. who had been a sponsored student for the past 13 years.  He introduced the small, older woman beside him as his mother.  Edlin's father had died about the same time he entered into our sponsorship program.  His mother began by telling me she wanted to come by and thank me.  I stopped her and told her, "Hey, I'm the contact person in our sponsorship program,  not the one who gives funds, but I can send your greetings and thanks to the sponsor".  She nodded her head and said she understood but still wanted to say thanks.   Her son spoke up and said that ever since his father died, he had prayed for another way to go to school and God had provided.  He has gone through our school and finished with the equivalent of an Associate's degree here in Haiti.  He excitedly told me he'd been given a scholarship to attend a dental tech. training program in Port au Prince and planned to start next month.

It's thrilling to see answered prayers.  I told Edlin's mom that it was encouraging to me as well, because some day I'd be in a place where I needed help and by seeing how God provided for them, it encouraged me to trust Him with my future needs as well.  The same God who hears the prayers of an impoverished widow and son, hears all our requests today.  I can rest by  trusting in Him with my future, just as you can.  

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