Friday, August 12, 2011

Mission Trips in Haiti

There was a fund raising plea made after the usual offering.  The pastor stood up and told the congregation that there had been 65 conversions in last week's outreach and the leadership wanted to take another group to a nearby area.  The location?  A neighborhood called Terre Rouge near a community of Pignon, Haiti.  The mission team would be made up of 15 people, maybe more if they could raise the funds who had already been trained with how to share the Bible.
They would arrive at the designated locale, set up beds in tents, and be responsible for making their own meals.  Due to the shortage of drinking water in the area, they would be carrying some water in and boiling other water to use between services and outreaches.  The total amount of funds raised?  $50 USD.
Was the outreach canceled due to lack of support?
No, the Haitian believers joyfully picked up their loads of supplies and walked the 5 miles under scorching sun.  Why were they happy?  Because they had seen God's provision for them to eat that week.  I saw them walking home later in the week in two rows singing hymns.  They were thrilled to report that 30 more people had made professions of faith.  All of them would have gone back in a heart beat.  

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