Monday, August 15, 2011

Foreign driver's license

     When I first moved to Haiti about 18 years ago, I went in to apply for a driver's license and was issued one that was valid for 6 months. Then the governments kept changing about that often so I just stopped applying.
      This past year, I was stopped at a local check point because the new police were trying to crack down on children driving motorcycles (yes, really). I told them I didn't carry my US license b/c no one had asked me for it in 16 years. Trying to big big shots, they told me they could take me into the jail for that and I smiled and said okay. (if they had it would have a riot, literally). Ironically, I found out that at the same time they were bugging me, the resident foreigner in town, their boss was calling my husband asking for help in furnishing their police station.  We had previously helped them out by providing bicycles and an outhouse.   It would have been a funny exchange if they had arrested me on the same day.  I almost wished the new guys had just to see them explalin they arrested their benefactor's wife on a traffic violation.

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tiffany said...

What a memory that would have been!