Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Why I haven't written anything in a while

I haven't been doing the best job of keeping people informed of activities and happenings here in Haiti.  There have been various reasons for this, some of which are personal.  Those of who live here continue to process everything that has happened here in Haiti in the past 18 months.   Some time in the spring the realities of life hit me afresh.  I saw and continue to see a lot of post traumatic stress issues among first responders and people who worked so hard in the initial days and months following the earthquake.  In the face of incredible needs all around us, we've been working to maintain the education outreaches we have every day.  All that to say, this hasn't been an easy period to work through except to walk and work day by day.  Perhaps because of our own fatigue, it's been especially encouraging to have various groups come and volunteer alongside us.
What follows are some of my favorite images of outreaches from the past few months

In January, Terrie W. delivering items Haitian style

Playmates at the school express caring in June

Youth group from Memphis helps us unload donated supplies

These guys from Tennessee are strong!

New friends are building at my school! 

Donated dresses from Minnesota!

Puppet performers from Texas in March!

Teaching all 500 of our elementary students about the armor of God.

These are just a few images of outreach activities in the past months.  Coming up we have several children's camps and youth camps scheduled.  The school year finished a few weeks ago with kindergarten graduation.  Many proud parents celebrated this accomplishment showing me yet again that life goes on, slowly rebuilding and advancing day by day.  My Haitian friends are masters at going on in the face of incredible odds.  

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