Thursday, July 07, 2011

Prayer Requests from Haitian Women

Last week we had our semi-annual women's conference.  While the speakers taught through translators, one way the attendees related back was through prayer requests.  I thought readers might enjoy hearing these requests and perhaps praying for them as well.  My hope in sharing them with you is that you'll see how similar all of our lives really are:
Translated from Kreyol:
1.  Please pray for my family's spiritual life.  Pray for my son who doesn't want to live with me.  Mrs. P.
2.  Please pray I can have a baby.  Mrs. K
3.  I have had a headache for a long time, please pray for me.
4.  Please be praying for my brother who has breathing problems.
5.  I need to send my children to school, pray that they can pass.
6.  Pray that my son will return to his place with me.
7.  Pray that my children will pass all their exams
8.  Pray for my friends who have a lot of persecution in their lives.
9.  Please pray I can be faithful in my Christian life.
10.  Pray for the many problems that I am experiencing.
11.  Please pray that my friend, S. will become a Christian.
12.  Pray for my friend who is paralyzed.
13. Pray for my child who is sick.
14.  Please pray that I can have a house.
15.  Please pray for my family.

These are samples of the prayer requests we received from the 250 plus women who came from all over northeastern Haiti.

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tiffany said...

I'm glad you shared Debbie. Not only does it provide some direction in our prayers but makes the ministry just that much more real.