Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is REALLY going on....

     This week has been full of breaking news from Haiti again as former presidents return, political futures are determined and some arrests are made.  All in all, another week in Haiti.  Eighteen years ago, the weekend I was getting married, the headlines were also about Haiti.  Some things never change.
     Before the current headlines broke I had something else I was going to share with friends though, that is what is really going on among people who are living and working in Haiti.  And what is really going on is life and outreaches.  My husband still left on schedule for some speaking engagements, schools are still open, businesses are still open, and people are still going on.  Despite the seeming drama that attracts all the media, the behind the scene,s opportunities are still here as well.
     Two Sundays ago I had the opportunity to hear a 73 year old woman named Lucy share with some Americans about her work with community women.  She and other church women started the Dorcas ministry at Caleb's encouragement about 20 years ago.  Over the years, the group has expanded to other communities.  What is so special about this fellowship is that it includes women from almost every church in town and they work together meeting practical needs they see in the community.  Lucy had the ladies share verses they had memorized with pride (most are illiterate); and list projects they had completed in the past year.  They had replaced roofs on homes, found ways to clothe the poor, gone daily to pray with the sick at the local hospital, and prepared a local soup kitchen when they had the resources.  Lucy told the Americans how she taught the ladies to find resources.  "Every time they are making rice for their families, I tell them just to scrape off the top of the measuring cup, and save that portion, by the end of the week they can bring all their portions together, and we'll save it until we have enough to feed the needy in our area."   Very humbling indeed to see how much these gals can do with their "leftovers".  I translated for the visitors telling them that the women fed over 300 people the week before.  When asked how much it would take to do the feeding more often, we were told they needed $150 USD.   (let me know if you want to help, I'll get it to them)
     This past Sunday, a pastor was speaking in the church I was attending.  He also was encouraging the people in their second hand clothing on how to help.  He said, "I want to see all of us bring clothing that we are not using, and put it together, so we can help those around us in need."  Hearing this, and seeing how these folks are working together and giving out of their poverty was very encouraging to me.  Why?  The way people give to others, reflects much of their spiritual health.   Any group which is striving to help those in need, is living and growing.
My real point though today is this:  don't get caught up in the latest highlights or headlines.  What is REALLY going on is that life and work is continuing for us common folk.  All the productive people I know are going on with planned outreaches, finding what they can to make things work, and not paying much attention to "the big stories".  One of the things I love most about God, is that so much of what He does in people and through people is behind the scenes.  Please know, that I can attest to the fact, that His servants are still hard at work here in Haiti.


Tiffany said...

God is definitely moving. I think about the poverty that most live in, and they are still giving. We are a spoiled bunch for sure over here in the US. Makes me think about all that stuff in our garage!

gwen.thomas said...

It struck me that these women are not really giving their "left overs." As they scrape the TOP of their measuring cup of rice, they are in essence demonstrating FIRST FRUITS stewardship. What a wonderful example for all God's people.
With love and prayers.