Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful for technology but still frustrated

My family is in the US right now on a scheduled break getting annual medical and dental care.  But being away from Haiti is harder than ever this year.  As we were leaving, driving through the cholera epicenter two weeks ago, we knew it would get worse.  Since arriving here, we've continued to coordinate getting supplies and info into Haiti.  Just today, we sent IV fluids and other material from our headquarters in central Haiti  to answer requests for supplies from a German NGO (non-gov't org.) in the capital city.  It continues to amaze me that our small little ministry is able to help others (even those much better funded).  It comes from vision on Caleb's part and the incredible network that does exist in Haiti if you know how/where to look. 
We had already sent cholera prevention and treatment info. to our school office in Haiti, getting copies made and delivered today to all schools in our area.  Though Caleb is speaking in Houston this week, he has been on the phone with our school nurse and administrative staff with instructions.  When he returns to Little Rock this week, he plans to record instructions in Kreyol that we can send immediately via internet for broadcast on our radio station downlink in Pignon.  The listening audience there is over 300,000 so hopefully the life saving information will have an effect.   We feel great urgency as several cholera deaths have been confirmed in surrounding neighborhoods.
But I'm still frustrated.  Saddened that people are so  frightened.  Angry that this is so preventable with correct knowleldge.  I wonder how much more people can take.  Just before I left Haiti in late October, I was meeting with students in our sponsorship program to have them all write thank you notes and updates to their stateside friends.  One older student told me how his older brother had died in the earthquake and they'd never recovered his remains.  He was so young to suffer such a loss, but was managing with the grace and stoicism common to the Haitian community.  Now I wonder how he is doing, knowing children in his neighborhood have died this past weekend.  How much more can he and the nation handle?  Presidential elections are scheduled in a few weeks....does anyone there even care?  I don't think I would.  
I'm just hoping, praying, and working to help my friends and family there to survive. 

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tiffany said...

We're praying for you guys!