Monday, October 25, 2010

When Cholera hits your neighborhood . . .

     Once again, Haiti is in the international news with a Cholera outbreak in the Artibonite Region less than 20 miles from our headquarters in Pignon, Haiti.  This morning after spending all afternoon Sunday going through remaining donated supplies, Caleb sent two pickup trucks loaded with cleaning supplies and gloves that we still had in stock.  They are headed to Verettes and the community of Petit Rivere, two of the hardest hit communities to be distributed by the Rotary Clubs of the Artibonite. 
     Further, Caleb has made arrangements with Missionary Flights International to fly in supplies worth $15,000 to Port au Prince for distribution through the Rotary Clubs there.  These supplies will include:  more gloves, IV fluids, IV lines, oral rehydration solution, and cleaning supplies.   This past Sunday, we made 1,000 copies of Dr. Kris Thede’s information on Cholera prevention in Kreyol for area residents.  It was gratifying to see all the church members carefully reading and saving this life saving information.
     Please be praying that solutions can be found quickly to stop the spread of it.  We will continue to intervene as the Lord provides.  


Terrie in Honduras said...

Al and I just read about Hati's newest devestation. How sad. We will be praying.
I am reminded of a Hatian poem;

"Lord, in spite of hurricans, famine and desease, we are still here. You must have a purpose."

I cannot find the poem, and do not remember the author. But, I have shared the poem with many.

May God give you and yours much strength and good health.

May many come to the Lord through this sickness. May God's good and perfect will be done on earth as it already is in heaven.

Much Love Sister,

Dawn Johnson said...

Dawn Johnson here from the Rotary Club of Verrettes. Assistant Governor Gary Marcelin received these two trucks of supplies and got them squared away. We will meet with the head of our UCS (Health District) when he gets back from St. Marc to designate what will be distributed where.

tiffany said...

You are so wonderful. You are never ever far from our thoughts or prayers and the amazing work you are doing.

Connie P. said...

Debbie...I can't believe you are back in crisis mode again! Praise the Lord for people like you who are so willing to swing into action at a moment's notice when the earthquake crisis is still so fresh. You are in our thoughts and prayers! Connie P.