Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Refugee Children's Drawings of Earthquake Experiences

As Caleb travels in the states this week, the ministry goes on here in Pignon, Haiti. Some newly arrived children are settling in at the camp. A few of them missed the bus to come home after school but other than these few minor delays, the days are progressing. The folks at the camp who are sick are being seen by our local hospital staff and being followed up by our camp and church volunteer staff to make sure they get all the medicines they need. We are expecting another group of American volunteers who are arriving with Caleb on Friday. We will really miss the great group of trauma counselors who were here recently from FAVACA. They gave me some of the drawings that the children had produced as they shared what they had been through. It occurred to me that many might be interested in what the children had to share. So please find several images attached below.
(Warning: some of the images are graphic)

While the images are startling in their content, those of you who saw the images on the news know the children are just relating the reality of what they have experienced. The youngster who drew the image (below, left) told how he saw a man electrocuted from active power lines. The artist to the right explained these were images of cars and trucks piled up and thrown around like toys. What is amazing to me is that even after experiencing such trauma, the kids are responsive and are enjoying getting back into life, play and school. Please continue to pray and give as you feel you can. We’ll keep going on as well.


Blessings from Haiti,

Debbie Lucien

PS-anyone who wants to see other drawings produced by the kids go to: (click below)

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