Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Post holes and Bible school

Yes, we are still here! Caleb made it back from speaking engagements in Tallahassee, FL and Washington D.C. It was really encouraging for him to see so many people interested in the needs and status of outreaches here. As he returned, we welcomed a pre-earthquake scheduled team from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX. Previously they’d planned to do a Bible School with our youngest students but now have “flexed” to also include an outreach in the afternoons for our camp residents.

Monday was the first day of this outreach and it was a lot of fun with puppets, games, Bible verse memorization and singing. The kids had a great time and really enjoyed the extra activities.

     Also going on this week is the laying of the foundation for our new shower/bath facility for our camp residents. Once again (for the fourth voyage) Soup Campbell of Fellowship Bible Church- Memphis led a team of workers to help with this outreach. Several students from the University of Alabama gave up their week of spring break to come and volunteer and dig the foundations. What a great bunch of guys!! They became national champions in football and topped it off with volunteering for those in need in Haiti! Thanks for bringing the Crimson Tide to Haiti, Soup!

     While all of this is going on, Caleb is working to get several containers of donated supplies released that have arrived. This past week we also received over 2,000lbs. of donated supplies via air carriers. As he moves around the country, each trip the vehicles are loaded up with donated tents and supplies that have come in. While the schedule and work is rough at times, we are just glad that we can be involved with bringing help to those in need. I just received this photo below of one of the many “tent cities” that are now filling up areas surrounding the capital. It is reported that right now there are 400 refugee cities around the country. I include it as a reminder to all of us of the needs that remain, and to keep us focused. Blessings! http://www.hosean.org/

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