Thursday, March 04, 2010

Playing, more counseling and works of Art. . .

     Greetings from Haiti! It has been a busy week but we are going on one day at a time. Weather has been unseasonably cold here in the tropics and everyone is bundled up in hats and jackets for temperatures in the damp rain. Caleb has made two trips to the capital this week to distribute supplies and now again to make a return to the U.S. for some meetings and a speaking engagement at one of his alma mater’s , Washington Bible College.
These are the final days for the third team from Fellowship Bible Church-Memphis who’ve been busy playing and loving on the kids among other things. Pictures speak a thousand words:

Our second group of counselors from FAVACA has been a wonderful asset to our residents. Being able to speak with folks in their own language and continue the trauma counselors begun last week has been a help to get people to discuss what they’ve seen and experienced. One of the counselors today told me she was amazed at the art work the kids were producing, images of falling buildings, relief supply trucks with flat tires, even some of the death that they’ve observed. Hopefully, getting started relating all that has happened will promote the healing so needed. Please continue to pray for our residents.

School is going strong with 1,400 students in place. Overall the children continue to enjoy the structure of the school day. The only thing they tell me they like more are the videos the visitors are showing some nights. The biggest hit was “Nacho Libre”…go figure!

The last image I want to show you is of our friend, Roberto. You may remember him from a few updates ago, he has the little baby boy with deformed feet. He is a metal worker who Caleb decided to give the tools of his trade to get him restarted following the earthquake. He has been doing such a great job that he is already selling some of his products. We’re as excited as he is about this and are hoping this is the first success in many instances of micro-financing to get folks re-started in their fields. Let us know if you want to invest in people in need in this way!

Thanks for staying interested in what is going on!

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