Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New diesel generator for camp!

There was alot of excitement this week when a new diesel generator purchased by Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock for use at the camp was delivered.  We'd had a smaller 7.5 KW but it simply wasn't powerful enough to send electricity to all the areas of the camp.  Now we will be able to put up more lights and make sure each family room has light.  Camp residents will be able to more easily charge their cell phones and keep in touch with family and friends.  All in all just another step at raising the standard of living for the refugees. 
I saw an article posted this past week about how some of the larger refugee camps in Port au Prince were now boasting of movie theaters and beauty shops, etc.  I smiled because we had already seen these advents in our camp, from pure ingenuity of our campers.  One section near an outdoor shower has become a barber shop and river next door is the laundry.  The camp staff distributes laundry soap to the families to take care of this need.  Every Haitian woman I know usually launders their own families clothes by hand anyway.
Our movie theater started a few weeks ago when Soup Campbell of Memphis, TN brought down an amplifier system and donated several DVD's for the residents to watch.  I really appreciated this because I'd been told several weeks ago by more experieinced aid workers in refugee camps that if we could get regular activities and something to look forward to, it really helps camp residents heal and survive.  The kids pictured below were really excited to have a movie to look forward to tonight. 
The students at the camp are all on spring break this week so this provides a good activity for them.  Soon Caleb has another group of volunteers who are coming to help build some more housing for them as well.  I told the kids yesterday I was going to miss them because my children and I are going to make a quick trip to the states.  They were so sweet and asked me to bring them something.  I think I'll work on some candy to bring back when I return in May. 

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