Saturday, February 06, 2010

4 tons of supplies and medical evaluations

Greetings from Haiti! The last few days continue in the rhythm of receiving supplies, securely storing them and categorizing them: medical supplies, tents and tarps, clothing and food. Today we received an entire DC-3 load (more than 4 tons) of supplies. The flight was funded by friends in Minnesota and flown by Missionary Flights International (

Once we get them categorized, they are delivered to various points throughout the country. The medical supplies are being distributed in consultation with the Haitian national designee for medical relief. The clothing and food are also being distributed rapidly primarily to Port au Prince.

The photo above, right is of an Assembly of God pastor whose church was destroyed, he is taking clothing and shoes back to the surviving members of his congregation. What is exciting to us is that these supplies are being rapidly distributed in the ongoing efforts.

One more important outreach right now is getting displaced children back in school. Every school in our community has been closed for the past month. Caleb led the way announcing tuition free education for these students. As of today, there are 386 new students enrolled. To provide for these students it is going to cost the following: ongoing costs: Increase in salary per month for new teachers $4000 USD each month, feeding at the school is going to cost $600/day for ALL 1,300 students. Onetime costs: books for 400 students $12,000, Uniforms for 400 students (2 sets/student) $24,000.
You can tell the needs are going to be extensive in the coming months. Please be praying for us and/or let us know if you’d like to help.

Here is a view of families arriving to register their children for school on Monday:

The other thing happening right now is that we are having all of our new camp residents evaluated by a medical team volunteering from Miami. Led by a Haitian-American physician, Dr. Dorvil, this team is checking all of our current 105 residents. Once evaluated, they are being referred as needed to our local hospital to establish follow up for chronic conditions. They are also starting all the residents on some donated vitamins to build up their defenses. We really appreciate their sensitive evaluation and the time spent listening and caring. They saw 33 patients today and will see all the rest before their departure on Tuesday.

The children staying at the camp are excited about starting school soon. Today I finally had the chance to bring them some coloring books and crayons sent in by donors. The simplest things can bring great smiles and joy.

Please continue praying for all of us. Pray that we can help all within our reach.

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Libby said...

Thank you for not tiring of doing good! I agree with all of what you have written here. Our friend George, in AR sent us your blog in hopes that we might learn of your great ministry. We are in the DR and my husband is helping some in Cap Hatien. I know time is short, but if you have a chance to look us up, our blog is
I'd like to follow your blog.