Monday, January 25, 2010

Some of Caleb's words and his father's comfort

From Caleb:

     Dear Friends, I hope you understand! I have not had the time to read e-mails and answer them. All my friends knew that Debbie was a saint for marrying me. But let me tell you something-she is a super wonderful wife, friend, mom, & co-worker. She has sustained me these past days and helped things to happen. First of all, I am fine. To all my “mothers”, Yes, I am taking care of myself and I am drinking a lot of water and at least one meal a day. Second, I am grateful to all of you and am amazed at how wonderful you all are. You’ve sent so many encouraging notes. Debbie has ready many of them to me over the phone. Thanks to all of my former classmates who have contacted me.
     My Rotarian contacts, especially Past District Governor Dick & Carla McCombe have been wonderful as has all their team in Nassau, Bahamas. Thanks to all of the workers in Cap Haitien & Pignon airports who have worked so hard unloading relief plane cargo and getting them immediately on the trucks. Thanks to all the pilots who have volunteered their aircraft and time. Their servant hearts are beyond belief.
     We are standing in the gap-we are being your hands and feet. God is using us mightily to make a difference. We are having the opportunity to distribute medicine, food, shelters, clothing, food and water. We are helping many, many with cash assistance so they can reach their destination and get to a safe place. We are feeding people at the Camp facility and for the next two weeks providing a daily hot meal to all the in-patients at our local hospital. People are continuing to call day and night in desperation. Hospitals are calling for supplies, food and water. We are doing everything possible to answer the call.
     Please, please remember the crisis is not going to be over in one month or two or six- it is going to be going on for a long time. I tell those who want to come to the camp, come for a week, one month, six months or as long as the need exists, just come. We will be faith provide you with three meals a day.
     Needs: medicine, anesthesia, orthopedic supplies, antibiotics, pain killers, IV tubing. There are so many rib fractures, should fractures, head injuries. So you medical people please send the appropriate items if possible. We have been able to respond very quickly, Contact my friend, Dick McCombe regarding shipping supplies. If there is a way, he will find it. Or you can ship things if you are in the states via Missionary Flights International ( They are standing in the gap. For cash donations, contact our office  or our stateside coordinator at . Please continue to pray for us for safety, our motto is to help others find what they need so that Jesus can be glorified. If you send the items, we’ll take and give it away, right away. For His sake, Caleb
From Debbie:

     My father in law, Sidoine Lucien, was just here in the cyber café visiting with me. He was stateside when the earthquake hit Haiti and was sharing with me some interesting things. Everyone who knows him considers him one of the godliest men they’ve ever met. He has been a pastor here in Haiti for over 50 years. Now at the age of 77, he remains vigorous and as active as a man half his age. He told me that last month in early December he spent one night with unusual dreams and had great difficulty going to sleep. He finally got up, drank some water and pulled out his Bible and prayed for a while. He asked God to tell him why he couldn’t sleep. He just shared with me that “God told me many things” but very specifically God gave him a promise that in times to come, God was going to protect all of his family from destruction. At the time, Sidoine had no real sense of what was going to happen, of course. But a few weeks later, when he was in Florida visiting some of his children, he immediately remembered upon news of the earthquake. Like most families with loved ones in Haiti, he spent several days with no news of us. He immediately thought of Caleb, who frequents the Hotel Montana which was reported early on as destroyed. Once he heard Caleb was okay, he waited for news on his others sons and daughter who live and work in Haiti. ALL OF THEM, all of his grandchildren, are without injury or structural loss. When Caleb first returned from the quake, he told me that families who only had one death would be praising God. I just looked at my father-in-law and said, “And look, God not only saved all your family, he’s using them to save countless others now.” We are both amazed at God’s goodness at the privilege of serving Him.
     Real quick, activities today include a rush trip to Port au Prince for Caleb to attend a meeting with UNICEF staffers to see what can be done for all the displaced children now in the capital. He plans to come back to Pignon tonight. He left most of the volunteers and our staff workers here to receive relief flights, and deliver meals to the hospital patients and staff today. Two of our guys from Memphis who have worked with kid’s outreaches in the past stayed at the camp to organize activities for the dozen or so children already there. Please continue to pray for safety, that supply lines would broadly open, and wisdom.

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