Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Packing, working. . . .

Haiti Earthquake Relief Update

Whew, it’s getting harder to catch our breath here, but we wanted to give you a quick view of what is happening on the ground. My packing crew spent the morning going through a second truck load of supplies sent from Rotary International. We went through about 300 more boxes and inventoried linens, medications, shelter boxes, etc. Wow, the people of the Caribbean are very generous as all these supplies have come from the Bahamas thus far!

Then we set about packing up Hosean International’s school bus to take a load of supplies to Port au Prince (3 hours away). Coordinating with our distribution contacts, Caleb’s determined the greatest need right now was for sheets, towels, and medications and medical supplies. So we packed the bus to the ceiling with all those we had on hand.

As we headed for lunch, Caleb called and told me a flight of supplies was on its way to the airport. By the time I got to the airport a few minutes later, the airport staff already had the supplies unloaded and were visiting with the volunteer Rotarians who had flown in from the Bahamas. One reason it was so exciting to us, it was the first official international flight for our grass strip airport. We understand the US Forces are providing air control support now and are allowing flight to check in with radio contact. This allows flights to come in directly to us without stopping on the coast. Our location is 90 miles north of Port au Prince so we can be a staging ground of smaller planes and air drops. I want all the folks sending us supplies to know that the materials are safely stored awaiting transport and/or already on their way to those in need. The immediate supplies are all going to Port au Prince; later on we will need more supplies here as we accommodate refugees.

I believe our community has already doubled in size to 60,000 plus in the past week. Every house in my neighborhood now has between 12-25 people sleeping in them. We are setting up ways to work with local churches to distribute to the families in need and those accommodating so many.

Now I need to head to the cyber-café to send out some messages and download all the e-mail. If you are writing to us, please be patient. We will get back to you!

One other small note, yesterday as Caleb was leaving town yesterday to head to Cap Haitian to meet the incoming flights, he passed on of the electrical co-op’s staff who was sitting with his hands to his face in the street. He felt he needed to stop and did. Here he found 65-year-old Innocent who runs the co-op’s generator each night weeping. Caleb found that the gentleman had sent $75 USD with a friend to his children in Port au Prince so they could relocate back home. The person he had sent the funds with took the money and disappeared. Because of gifts sent in, Caleb was able on the spot, to give him the funds he needed to make arrangements for his children.

Thanks again for your prayers. We’re grateful to be able to be here to help.

Debbie for all



Christy said...

Thanks for updating! We continue to pray and give!

Tiffany said...

Hi Debbie,

I'm so glad I found your blog! It is a powerful tool to get the word out. You and your family are so amazing. Thank you for providing hope.