Friday, January 22, 2010

List of needed supplies & how to get them here....

Sorry for not getting out an update yesterday. We were all too busy and/or too tired to compose much. Caleb arrived back from a trip to Port au Prince at 1:30 A.M. Thursday morning. The school bus carrying supplies also returned with some refugees earlier. We now have some houseguests who are sharing many stories of heartbreak as well as miraculous provisions.

After making some logistical decisions and sending out supplies, Caleb made sure our camp staff knew what to do to finish getting the camp ready. We have a dozen people there now with more coming daily. What is happening is more and more people are arriving in town. Those that have family and space would rather stay with their relatives for now. However, they lack the supplies to feed all these folks. We’re putting in place ways to distribute food we’ve purchased to families in need through local churches as well as our ministry office. Caleb just told me he expects 60 more people at the camp tonight for long term residence. While the numbers of people are small today, it’s wiser to open slowly so we can really provide the care people need.

Thursday afternoon, Caleb then drove to Cap Haitien, Haiti’s second largest city 40 miles to the north for meetings last night and then drove this morning to Ouanaminthe, Haiti’s northern border town to pick up several volunteers. We are beginning to allow some folks to come who have specific skill sets (medical) and experience working with refugees. Our friends arriving from Fellowship Bible Church Memphis previously provided aid to Tsunami victims in Indonesia so we’re asking them to help us with logistics at the camp. IF anyone feels they’d like to volunteer in future months, you may submit an application (available online at our website) to our stateside office. Please be aware we are cautiously only asking those we know we can utilize and please be patient. We will notify you if we can use you, thanks in advance for even considering serving, and please be patient with us as we prayerfully consider the needs here. Many well intentioned folks, rushing to help here, are finding themselves frustrated, so please bear with us as we work to best utilize you!

In terms of supplies needed at present, here is a list of medical supplies that are needed throughout the country:

Most important:

Beds & mattresses

Anti-tetanus serum (SAT)


Gauze roll (non sterile)

Antibiotics: (oral or Inject)






Injection water 10 ml

Oxygen tube (for operating room)

IV catheters 18, 20, 24

Ringer's Lactate IV solution

HIV tests


Cotton rolls

Next Priority:

Lidocaine 2%

Regular Insulin

Insulin NPH

Syringes 2, 3, 5, 10 cc's

Marcaine spinal 0.5%


Diazepam vials






Betadine Dermique (gallon)

Hydrogen Peroxide (gallon)

Gloves medium (disposable)


Suture Chromic 0-; 1; 2-0; 3-0;

Suture Vicryl 0-; 1; 2-0; 3-0


Foley Cath's 16, 18, 20

Gloves sterile 7-8

Nifedipine sublingual

IV solutions: NaCL .9%

D5 W, DS 0.9, DS 0,225


Orthopedic supplies:

Kuntsher nails

Muller screws

philliip screws

Broches de steinman 5/32


Braces, immobilizers

Kinesic tape
Gathered donations may be sent to the following address, boxes (marked with contents on the outside). Hosean International Ministries, c/o 3170 Airman’s Drive, Unit 1076 HIM, Fort Pierce, FL 34946.

If you’d like to assist with shipping cost from Florida to Haiti, you may send donations for $1.75/lb. to our ministry office address or send online via Just FYI, all donations being sent for the next month online are being processed without fees courtesy of PayPal to help with the relief efforts. Also, because of the emergency, there are no customs fees being levied on relief supplies, so everything is coming in for the next 6 weeks very quickly.

Caleb is coordinating all medical equipment with Dr. Claude Surena, his fellow Rotarian, who is the national coordinator for medical relief. Your supplies will go to the greatest need to hospitals throughout the country.
In the coming weeks and months, we anticipate needing other practical supplies like light summer weight clothing for all ages. Haitian people tend to be smaller sizes. If you’d like to begin collecting clothes you may do that and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to receive more of those. Also, if anyone has contacts to package potable water, we have available a water filtration plant locally. The most efficient would be to find plastic bottles or bags (empty) designed for drinking water. We can fill them here and ship them south and to those around us.
We sense we are moving into the next phases of aid now. Please continue to pray for family and staff as we plan and implement outreaches.

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