Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another day in the earthquake zone

     My husband woke me up with, “Another 6.1 Earthquake in Port au Prince!” I groggily opened my eyes, as I’d slept through this one, but everyone else around us felt it. I was so exhausted yesterday it probably would have taken a 7.0 on the Richter scale to get my attention. I’ve heard of a few more homes collapsing, sadly yesterday it had been raining in Port au Prince so many people had returned indoors. You can imagine the terror as they woke up to shaking again.

     We were able to send our bus load with police escort before dawn and it arrived safely in Port au Prince. Caleb wants the Rotarians of the Bahamas who gathered all the supplies to know that ALL the medicines are now in Port and being used. Caleb made another trip to Port this afternoon to carry some other materials as well and make sure everything went well. After he departed I heard that Missionary Flights Int’l was landing in Pignon (our community) to pick up passengers. I hoped they might be bringing in some mail that Caleb was expecting. I was startled when they handed our manifests and realized there was over 800 lb.s of cargo for Hosean. I was amazed when I realized who the cargo was from, it was the team who had left us less than a week ago! Somehow, after returning to Fargo/Moorehead on Sunday night, they managed to organize 600 lb.s of medical supplies and two 5 KW generators, ship them or purchase them in FL and get them to MFI. They marked them “relief” they were immediately put on the plane and arrived here today! I was amazed! I was aware they were trying to organize and they had asked me what else we could use from Home Depot and I told them “heavy duty extension cords”. Behold, taped to the top of the generators were two 100 ft. massive extension cords. I was so humbled, encouraged and amazed to receive these much needed supplies so quickly that it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church!

     After unloading and taking them to our “secure undisclosed location” for storage until tomorrow’s shipment to Port au Prince, I headed home to pick up my 12 year old daughter whose been running fevers of 103 for the last 36 hours. They always treat me like a VIP at Hopital Bienfaisance ( so we managed to get seen, blood test and chest xrays done in two hours. The conclusion is that Lydia has a mild pneumonia (an infiltrate for all you medical people). Although her malaria test is negative, we are also treating her for that. I’m grateful for a standing hospital and the expertise always available here. They are of course taking in all the injuries arriving from Port au Prince. As I moved around the hospital with my daughter this afternoon, a little guy caught my eye. He had a large cast on his left leg but a huge grin on his face. I stopped and visited that he and his parents had been in the quake and arrived here a day or so ago. Hospital staff has stabilized them and is waiting for an orthopedic surgeon to arrive from the states tomorrow to help. The boy’s mother suffered a fractured upper arm and the boy his entire left leg. I asked him if he liked to color or draw, thinking I could find some coloring books at home for him. He grinned and I told him I’d be back. Alas, the coloring books were not available. I did manage to find in the supplies sent by the Bahamas Rotarians a rather big teddy bear. When I delivered it, I asked his father’s permission to share this image with you to encourage all who are sending donations and help. He grinned and said, “of course!” The best thing was I found out the little boy’s name was Caleb (like my husband’s)! How appropriate to have a new boyfriend with the same name.

Please rejoice with me for all the positive things we see happening, all the provisions and the way people are working together. And thank you for your prayers!

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Very good blog.
Elizabeth. U.S.A.

Linds said...

Debbie, I don't know if you remember me, but I came with Fellowship Bible Church (Little Rock) in 1998. I have been receiving your updates through Christy Hutchins. Please know that my husband and I are praying for the people of Haiti. May God continue to use your family in mighty ways to save the souls of Haiti.