Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti's future, one theologian's thoughts

From our good friend, Russ Ogden, Ph.D.:         But what of the Haitian's future? Their national government is shattered. Refugees have no homes and no way of getting homes. They have no jobs and there are no paying jobs to be had. They have no change of clothing, no food, no water. They are totally dependent upon others to sustain them. There is no apparent way out of this condition and no end of it in sight. The number of Hatian survivors in Port au Prince is approximately the same as the number of Israeli Moses led out of Egypt. God sustained Israel forty years on manna from heaven and water from a rock. It is possible that God could sustain Haitians the same way, but I don't expect him to do this. I think He will let nature take its course, which means he will expect his people who have abundance to share that abundance with those who have only needs. His love and grace will be seen in Christian charity which has always accompanied the effective spreading of the gospel.

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