Monday, October 05, 2009

Malaria is a bummer

Two days ago I began feeling kinda wierd.  Couldn't really place it at first, just fatigue, etc.  Then I began vomiting and other problems all night long.  Woke up knowing with the experience of someone whose lived in Haiti almost 20 years that I had malaria.  Despite what textbooks tell medical professionals, malaria is our household always starts with massive GI symptoms, followed by fevers only after you start taking the treatment.  Wierd, huh?  This is the only illness that I've ever had that I keep thinking I would rather be dead than feel like this.  To me, that is the hallmark sign that it is malaria. 
Thank God here in Haiti we have a relatively easily treatable form of the malady, 3 days of large doses of chlorequin will take care of it.  I just took my second dose this morning and am beginning to feel like I'd like to continue to live.  I might even feel like eating later today; that would be a novelty.  This is probably not the most edifying note; just want everyone to know it's not all fun and games down here. 

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Cory & Kris Thede said...

Been there and done that. You guys should start growing Artemisia. The herb that was/is used by the Chinese for hundreds of years to treat malaria. Yes thankfully we don't have Chloroquine resistant malaria in Haiti but Chloroquine still has side effects-unlike the Artemisia.

Get better soon. Lots of rest.