Friday, October 02, 2009

I think I'm part Haitian now

I've lived here a long time.  As most middle aged people can attest, time goes by more quickly than one can imagine.  The only thing that seems to remind me that things are changing is the growth of my children and seeing how lifestyles themselves change.  Alot of my friends from here are teasing me about how "Haitian" I am.  I seriously doubt that.  I think I've become some odd conglomerate of part Haitian/part American/ part world cultural person.  I'm definitely not your typical missionary anymore though.
Most of my missionary friends go back to the states periodically to sustain support levels and talk about how hard life is here.  In the twenty years I've known my husband, I've never once heard him ask for funding for anything.  Seriously.  He asks people to pray.   When they've asked how specifically they can help, occasionally he'll tell others how specific gifts could help, etc.  Well, I'm praying and rather than go to the the U.S., I'm glad we're staying here and praying. 

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cathenicholas said...

I like your attitude that staying and praying is the thing to do. God is either a miracle worker right where you are or the days of miracles has passed. I believe they have not passed but are available for any who believe at any location. God bless you and HIM. An industrial strength playground is coming!