Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's going on?

Not much, just the same old, same old. It's getting hotter in Haiti...current conditions, due to the clever craftsmanship of my abode are 85 degrees inside. Somehow, usually by 6 P.M. it's hotter inside my house than outside.
I've spent a lot of time praying the last few days for the desperate need of a reliable vehicle for the ministry's use. A used vehicle was donated last year to the ministry, which I really appreciate. However, it's not done well on the roads and with conditions here. In the past 10 months it's been in Haiti, it's broken down 3 times. I just have so little patience....I don't know how my Haitian friends do it. Anyway, I allowed myself to get frustrated with that. It's just I always wonder why the people trying to do such good things are always struggling with minimal resources? Yet I prayed about it, and left it with God as ultimately there isn't much I can do about it.
Still, I have to rejoice in what has been accomplished in the past year despite all the struggles. It's been good but tiring. All for now, really, I'll try to post more often.