Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Most Corrupt Country in the World!

I check the google news for Haiti a few times a week just out of curiosity to see what the rest of the world is saying about us. Today I was interested to note that Haiti was listed by a watchdog group as the most corrupt country in the world. Hmmm. A few thought are that this is not news to me or my family. Everyone who spends any time in Haiti realizes this pretty quickly. In fact, it is more expensive and costly to be honest. Working with the changing government(s) over the past few years requires a delicate dance to say the least.
One good example was when my husband worked about 10 years ago to get our school licensed with the Haitian government. Documents were submitted, site visits held, multiple meetings, etc. that one would expect. I asked those responsible wasn't there something that could be done to speed up the process only to be told, "well, we could bribe them, but that is beneath us". Very often many development workers in this type of world get impatient and just pay it. This begins a steady decline and slippery slope descent into decreased effectiveness. Many believe though that it is just the price to be paid to work in a world with little accountability.
I'm really grateful for the workers I see that won't descend to this level though. Years ago, I was told that the most important thing we can ever do is just live here, and live in a way that reflects the values of our maker. While that may see obvious to believers/supporters in the states, let me tell you that the constant wear and tear of "corruption" is tough to stand against. Be praying for your friends/co-workers that live here, ok?
While the "most corrupt" label is a sad one, it only states to me the great need for our presence here. While we work to build up infrastructure, buildings, classrooms, train people, etc., THE most important aim we have is working towards the ultimate goal of getting people's heart changed. And I know who can do that, because He's done it in me.