Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The toilet has left the building

You never know what the next day will bring. Recently (of course while we had house guests) the toilet upstairs refused to flush.

We have two bathrooms in our home, one in our living quarters and the other downstairs in the guest room. So we do have alternatives….and indeed are privileged because most folks around here are using outhouses. Anyway, the funny part of the story comes after we called an area plumber.

Knowing that a lot of workers don’t really have the necessary supplies, my husband asked the guy if he needed a snake or anything else to help with the project of unjamming the toilet.

He was like, no, we’ll work it out. Later we found out he just didn’t want to ask us to spend more money to purchase anything. (what a guy!)

I returned to my homeschooling duties and the next thing I knew I saw the gentlemen and his helper had heaved the entire toilet onto their shoulders and were taking it outside. (!)

Wow, talk about commitment. I knew better (years of experience) than to even question what exactly they were trying to accomplish.

My 8 year old daughter wandered in with the comment, “Mom, the toilet has left the building…”

My children then gathered around the hole in the floor in the bathroom and wondered what to do the rest of the day.

Eventually it did get returned, but man, if this doesn’t illustrate the willingness to do the impossible around here, I don’t know what does.

Talk about longsuffering.

You’ll be happy to know we did finally return the toilet back to it’s proper spot.


Guevarafam said...

I lauged so hard tears came out of my eyes. Only in Haiti!


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