Saturday, January 07, 2006

the first doll

When we arrived we were greeted by many friends and family members and lots of boxes! We'd held our mail/cargo while in the states so nothing would get misplaced in our absence. Several boxes were gifts from sponsors to children and about 15 large boxes were filled with Christmas gifts to be given out to area children. We've held the annual Christmas holiday party for several years so neighborhood kids were getting excited. One little girl, Katie, who's been Ben's sister (see previous entry) came to me. She quietly whispered, "Do you think you can find a doll for me?" I told her I couldn't promise her anything but I'd look through the boxes and see what God had provided us to give. She willingly accepted that and agreed to check back with me later.
As we waded through the boxes (literally) I was surprised to find one with Katie's name on it. Then I remembered that Katie had just recently been assigned as a sponsored child through our school program. I happily called her to me the next day the showed her the box from her sponsor. It was loaded with 4 wrapped packages all for her! They held crayons, a coloring book and several outfits and new barrettes. And then....a huge box holding a cabbage patch doll just for her! Most Haitian kids are pretty shy about sharing their feelings, even when receiving neat gifts. This little girl was so excited she couldn't contain herself. She jumped up and kissed the doll's face through the box! It even had barrettes like her!
What really touched my heart was her brother's response...he said, "Ma Caleb, when Katie was getting ready for bed last night, she prayed, 'please God, help Debbie find a doll for me.'"
God's sovereignty is not to be second guessed. Katie told me this was the first doll she every had...I hope I can convey to her sponsor her joy and excitement!
This week I was reading a Time magazine story about the people of the year. I think the choices they made were good ones, I have respect for all those selected (Bono & Bill & Melinda Gates). However I am a champion for the underdog, the unknown heroes. The vast majority of donors which support our work here in Haiti are NOT known nor do they even want to be.
A reported was following Bill & Melinda Gates on a info-gathering trip in India last month. After their visit to an impoverished home, the reporter went back to the mother of the family and asked if she knew who it was who just came to visit her. She said something like, 'those nice people, no, not really.' She was told by the reporter that the gentleman was the richest man in the world...her response? 'oh, well, everyone is richer than me'. I had to laugh outloud at that, it is so what everyone here would say. My thoughts keep returning to her comment tho', because folks, you don't have to be as wealthy as the Gates' to make a difference.
Katie's answered prayer for a doll may not seem like a big deal, but her smile and renewed faith are priceless.

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Guevarafam said...

Those 2 stories are so sweet. Thanks for sharing day and my faith were both made better. Bef