Wednesday, October 26, 2005

life in the states...."if God wants"

Wow, it's hard to believe we've been in the states for just over three weeks.
I really respect all my friends who deal with the "busy-ness" of life...just the pace of it exhausts me, trying to keep up and fit in while we are here. Of course, Caleb is busy getting the word out of various projects. He's traveled to five states in the past weeks. I'm just grateful the kids and I have a place to roost while he runs around. I know many people in this lifestyle who live in a car the whole time they are visiting the states.
But it's the pace here that I struggle with, and the never ending distractions.
I really think it is exceptionally difficult to stay "tuned into" God with the lifestyle here.
I was chatting with two American wives and home school moms here in the South. I told them about even how we speak in Haiti is different, talking about day to day plans. One of the first phrases I learned here was: Si Dieu vle. "If God wants" ...I will do whatever. Every statement of intent or plans is prefaced with that phrase. It reflects the reality there, the knowledge that we can't really plan anything without God's provision and things working together to permit it.
But how quickly I revert to the cultural norm here, it never occurs to me to even consider what God wants for small decisions. I want to consider much more of what HE wants.