Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nerve wracking times, yet moving forward

Almost every week we have heard of someone we know being kidnapped, or molested in some way as they go about their work and lives. I spoke with my husband recently about whether he was being cautious or not in how he plans his schedule and specifically his travels in the capital.

If 'd been more spiritually minded, I would have appreciated his response more. He said, "Deb, the Lord is my Light and my Salvation, whom shall I fear?"

"Yes, I appreciate that," I commented, "but I'd like to know that you don't expect God to rescue you when you do something stupid, too." (not exactly the supportive wife talking).

"Don't worry," he soothed. "I'm being careful." This said as he strode out the door for a flight to the capital.

The truth is I'm glad the man I'm married to is quite fearless when it comes to serving the Lord and doing what he feels like he's called to do. He's just as courageous as the Caleb in the Bible who wasn't intimidated by the things he saw in the land as a scout with Joshua. It takes a real visionary to have the courage to continue on with reports of kidnappers, robbers, and terrorists world-wide.

While I try to shield my elementary aged daughters somewhat from the newscasts, they have heard about how children are kidnapped and been hurt or killed both here in Haiti and worldwide. What strikes me about this is the fact that it never occurred to me as a child that that was a real danger. Yet any parent now must train their children never to talk to strangers, avoid going near a car they don't know, and in our area, stay AWAY from police. It helps me, I suppose, to realize that women worldwide have the same core fears and concerns that I do; concern for their families and uncertainty for the future.

I have much to learn in this regard . . .and graciously, a God who has much to teach.

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