Friday, July 15, 2005

Our city by the mountain

This is a view of our community: Pignon, Haiti. It sits on the southern side of Mt. Pignon in the north central part of Haiti. It may not look like much but it is the home to nearly 30,000 in and around it.
There are so many troubling images coming out of Haiti these days...I thought I tried to let you see a more normal one. In our area, we are relatively protected from the conflicts that go on in the capital some 90 miles away. Even during the most uncertain days of the armed revolt in February 2004, when the conflicts spilled out to the country-side, we rarely heard anything unusual.
Still, things are NOT normal. United Nations troops rotate through here every few weeks on bright, white helicopters. The kids in town wave their kites at them and make toy helicopters from old tomato paste cans....

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