Sunday, June 12, 2005

Alright, Alright....

Alright, so I haven't published in awhile but who's had the time. I'm really looking for a way to publish the best photos, etc. of things going on in our work and life.
But I'm not convinced anyone sees this website, so people better start letting me know...okay?

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Apostle John said...

Regarding your June 12th post. I know many people in Florida, Georgia and Michigan who would love to see your blog -- they routinely travel to Haiti on medical missions.

You seen to have a handle on how to do the photos, but I also use The photos aren't on the blog, but you can have a link to the photos. Webshots posts pictures quicker.

I have never known the internet to be very fast in Haiti, so I imagine this blog takes time. I'm so glad to find it.