Sunday, June 19, 2005

400 kids and counting....!

Today was the first official day of kid's camp. Most North Americans would never believe how thrilled these kids are to have this rather meager camp held for them! But it was with great excitement that 5 busloads of children descended to Camp de la Grace this afternoon. A team of volunteers from Ohio is here this week to assist by helping the Haitian camp counselors. The team's role is to teach a few Bible story sessions, lead some puppet shows, lead the craft projects which include tie-dye T-shirts, bracelets from beads and drawing & then just play and love on the kids the rest of the time! Does that sound like fun to you? We've got 400 kids lined up for them.
The only sad thing is there were so many kids who wanted to come but you can only take so many! My prayer the past few days is that we could raise the funds to have some more camps over the summer for the children. The main cost is the food! That many kids EAT alot in 4 days--yet strangely, the cooks tells us that this is their favorite group to serve because the children are so grateful.
Hope these pictures come through!

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