Sunday, December 19, 2004

Where does one start?

How does one start with a thing like this? Sometime I'll get around to telling how I got to this place in my life . . .but I guess for now I'll just say I am enjoying where I'm at.
I'm someone who has the chance to live across many cultural lines and see the priviledge of being able to see what's important and what's not.
In the past week I flew from the richest country in the world (U.S.) to one of the poorest (Haiti). Talk about contrasts. Yet, it's good to be here.
Monday afternoon, my sister-in-law wanted to give me an early birthday present of a "spa" treatment. It was definitely an unusual experience for me but great fun. I was lying in a tub of perfumed bath water feeling like Bathsheeba under lights set to resemble stars. Afterwards, sauna and foot reflexology followed. I don't even know how I managed to walk out of there, I was so relaxed.
Yet, less than 24 hours later, I'm disembarking a 50 year old plane which just landed on a grass airstrip about 800 miles away. Surrounded by hundreds of dark children who haven't seen a bathtub in their lifetime let alone this month, I smiled remembering what fun the experience was, but still glad to be back "home" under the glaring sun and blowing dust.
Expect more contrasts like this from my story and my life. . .
and strangely, it's all true....

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